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XXIVth Uniapac World Congress in Lyon (France)
XXIIrd Uniapac World Congress in Mexico city (Mexico)

XXIVth Uniapac World Congress in Lyon (France)

 The XXIVth Uniapac World Congress

The XXIVth Uniapac World Congress around the Gospel of the Miraculous cash of fishes was on “Business - Source of Hope“. H.E. Peter Cardinal Turkson, President of the Pontifical Council of Justice and Peace (PCJP), used the gathering as an opportunity to introduce the document “The Vocation of the Christian Business Leader“. The publication of J&P to which UNIAPAC has contributed focuses on the role of Christian business leaders. Further confirmed keynote speakers for the conference were:- Lord Brian Griffiths of Fforestfach, Member of the House of Lords. With the participation of a philosopher, Patrick Viveret, they talked about the different points of view on the crisis. -Angel Gurria, Secretary General of OECD talked about the point of view of the emerging countries. -We had 3 testimonies from South America and Africa, with Sergio Cavalieri (President of ADCE Brazil), Javier Millan (USEM Mexico), and Jean-Michel Sévérino (for Africa).The Archbishop of Lyon, H.E. Philippe Cardinal Barbarin honored us with his participation. 2000 partipants were present, out of them 230 UNIAPAC members from 23 differents countries of Latin America, Europe and Africa (71 persons came from Africa).

 Publication of Justice & Peace: "The Vocation of a Christian Business Leader"

Télécharger"The vocation of the Christian Business Leader"

 Presentations of the main speakers

Télécharger"Vocation of a Business Leader, Cardinal Turkson"
Télécharger"Les espoirs apportés par les pays émergents", Angel Gurria
TéléchargerThe ASAMAR Case, Sergio Cavalieri
TéléchargerThe Bimbo case, Javier Millan

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