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XXIVth Uniapac World Congress in Lyon (France)
XXIIrd Uniapac World Congress in Mexico city (Mexico)

XXIIrd Uniapac World Congress in Mexico city (Mexico)

 The Uniapac World Congress in Mexico / 30 companies/54 speakers who shared their experiences of business management based on Uniapac model of CSR

The last “Uniapac World Congress”, meeting place for business leaders, academics, diplomats, and social leaders which took place in Mexico last October 1st & 2nd was the great opportunity for us to hear practical teachings and lively testimonies of people who believe in the strong values and added-value of Christian-based CSR and apply them in their professional responsibilities.
The “Uniapac World Congress” was not one more congress on CSR. It came after the publication of the common work achieved between all the Uniapac associations on “the Profit of Values”, and was the opportunity to present it on a concrete way, bringing concrete tools, and proving that it is not only words and not simply beautiful ideas: it is a real added value in our way of doing our business, being a real strategy for sustainability. The world today in the midst of economical and social crisis needs to find ways to re-orientate their action. The business leader needs concrete propositions. During these two days of congress, we could see that others than our selves are animated by the same desire to contribute, even modestly, to the construction of a better world. Key speakers allowed us to deepen our reflexion about CSR as a real strategy of action for competitive organizations and as a business practice which forms a “citizen consciousness”.

Michel Camdessus, former President of the International Monetary Fund (FMI) and President of “Société de Financement de l’Economie française” recalled us the urgence to change our scale of values which have to be based on what we are and not on what we have. He called us, especially the young people, to build a world on sustainable and humane practices (click here to read more).

The President of Mexico Felipe Calderón Hinojosa recalled us the personal relationship he has with Uniapac and the importance of placing human values at the heart of the business strategy, of showing commitment and belief.

25 African business leaders were present to the Uniapac Congress, and 3 new countries are now members of Uniapac: Cameroon, Angola and Burkina Faso; and in a very near future Uniapac will welcome Tchad and Senegal.


 New President of Uniapac international

Since October 2009, Pierre Lecocq (France) has succeeded José Ignacio Mariscal (Mexico) as President of Uniapac International.

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 The African presence

Before the Congress, Uniapac offered a 5-days intense training session for African business leaders to the CSR, which was a great success. This formation was especially destined to Christians who would like to gather to foster the Christian Social Tradition in their own managerial behavior, their enterprises and society at large.

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 Presentation of the Uniapac document
"The Profit of Values" by Pierre Lecocq

"Before introducing our document, I believe it is important to set the stage and to try answering the question: why UNIAPAC involvement on CSR? What is specific in what Christians have to say, which adds to the issue? UNIAPAC deals with Corporate Executives and specifically Christian Corporate Executives. Executives, I believe you understand what it means: down-to-earth, pragmatic, no nonsense but also fully engaged in the huge economical turmoil which fuels globalisation and market-driven activities. As executives we may have an ideal, but we cannot be idealistic!! We proclaim also to be Christian. Being Christian basically means believing in a God who incarnated himself through Jesus Christ, fully human and still fully God! We do not believe in an abstraction or in a revealed book full of sacred words".

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 Document published by ALBA

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