Beirut conference 2013

Annual General Meeting of the Swiss Association of Christian Entrepreneurs (VCU) International Meeting UNIAPAC. 1 to 4 may Zurich, Switzerland

Annual General Meeting of the Swiss Association of Christian Entrepreneurs. May 2014

World Congress Lyon 2012

UNIAPAC in Brief


UNIAPAC is a federation of associations, an international meeting place for Christian Business Leaders. Its goal is to promote, in the light of the Christian Social Teaching, a vision and a deployment of Corporate Social Responsibility serving people and the common good in  the World.

UNIAPAC was born in 1931 as “Conférences Internationales des Associations de Patrons Catholiques", between federations of Dutch, Belgian and French Catholic Employers, and with observers from Italy, Germany and Czechoslovakia, on the  occasion of the 40 th anniversary of the Encyclical “Rerum Novarum” in Roma. After World War II, UNIAPAC enlarged to other European countries and to Latin-American countries and  changed its first name for, in French, ‘UNion Internationale des Associations PAtronales Catholiques', with the initials UNIAPAC (1949).

Ethics & Finance.

UNIAPAC aims to contribute to public debates on contemporary social issues triggered by new technological advances and economic growth at global level as a means to focus on the crucial need to show the utmost respect to man in all circumstances and to promote amongst business leaders an economy that serves people and the common good.

Inter-faith Dialogue

In the Dialogue of Religions and Cultures, UNIAPAC has a position strongly inspired by the words of John Paul II: "From the point of view of faith and charity, going towards the other cannot be limited to communicate to him what we understood from the Lord, but it is actually also to receive from him the good that he has been given to discover."
Hence UNIAPAC has encouraged many initiatives to open a space of dialogue with the Muslim world, in many countries, mainly Lebanon, Italy, Germany, France, Morocco, Ivory Coast etc...  

World Congress

The key moment in the life of UNIAPAC has always been the World Congress, that gathers hundreds of committed business executives from all continents for a rich and intense time of fraternal exchange.

This Congress now takes place every three years. The next one will take place on October 2 and 3, 2015 in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) with the theme:

Politics, Business and Civil Society for the Common Good: How to work together for a better world”.


World Congress

Uniapac work on CSR

In 2008, UNIAPAC International released the document “The Profit of Values” which promoted the organization’s vision on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) focused on the human person.

Uniapac International Board Meeting 
Sunday June 14th 2015,  in Milan (Italy)


Conference hosted by the Belgian association ADIC on "Rethinking the enterprise".  Saturday 14 March, 2015 – Brussels. 

Uniapac Latin American Board Meeting 

Sunday June 14th 2015,  in Milan (Italy)


Conference hosted by the Italian association UCID on "Hunger and Thirst of Values for new contributions by the Christian Management Education (CME) to overcome the present global crisis"


Uniapac African Board Meeting 
Sunday June 14th 2015,  in Milan (Italy)


Think Tank meeting hosted by the association from Angola ACGD  on "Africa and sustainable development".